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James Adkins (born 1763 in Virginia and died 1852 in

Missouri) is not related to Owen Adkins and Agnes Goad.

James was born in Virginia and lived in Chesterfield County, Virginia until

emigrating to Missouri in 1819.

He married Lucy Morgan in Chesterfield County, Virginia in 1806. There is no record of him living in Tennessee.

Owen and Agnes (Goad) Atkins (Atkinson) (born about 1750) were from

Pittsylvania, Lunenburg County, Virginia. (It is unlikely they were old enough

to be his parents.)

They lived for a while in Grayson County, Virginia, then moved to Hawkins

County, Tennessee.

Their son, James Adkins, was born in Hancock, Tennessee in 1781, and died in

Pulaski County, Kentucky in 1853. He married Chloe Hargis.

Our James is definitely not related to William V (Vincent) Atkins (Adkins, Atkinson)

(1689, Virginia), the reported grandfather of Owen.

William V Atkins is Haplogroup I-P3.

Our James Adkins is Haplogroup R-M26.

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