The Adkins Family Organization

Kirksville, Adair County, Missouri



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Adkins, Alfred S.  8 Nov 1869Kirksville, Adair County, Missouri I63
2 Adkins, Charles H  13 Apr 1862Kirksville, Adair County, Missouri I35
3 Adkins, Elizabeth A  6 Apr 1862Kirksville, Adair County, Missouri I56
4 Adkins, Emma Marie  25 Mar 1853Kirksville, Adair County, Missouri I77
5 Adkins, Emmaline Sophronia  6 Jan 1848Kirksville, Adair County, Missouri I30
6 Adkins, Francis Clinup  25 Dec 1856Kirksville, Adair County, Missouri I34
7 Adkins, Ivy Ann  1841Kirksville, Adair County, Missouri I17
8 Adkins, James Francis  15 Dec 1848Kirksville, Adair County, Missouri I76
9 Adkins, Jesse James  14 Dec 1849Kirksville, Adair County, Missouri I31
10 Adkins, John Campbell  11 Dec 1854Kirksville, Adair County, Missouri I60
11 Adkins, Lucy Jane  28 May 1848Kirksville, Adair County, Missouri I36
12 Adkins, Margaret Caroline  22 Nov 1854Kirksville, Adair County, Missouri I33
13 Adkins, Mary Jane  14 Nov 1843Kirksville, Adair County, Missouri I28
14 Adkins, Mary Susan  26 Jun 1851Kirksville, Adair County, Missouri I37
15 Adkins, Susan Lee  Oct 1863Kirksville, Adair County, Missouri I47
16 Adkins, Susan Virginia  7 Mar 1852Kirksville, Adair County, Missouri I32
17 Adkins, William Henry  Mar 1865Kirksville, Adair County, Missouri I58
18 Bushnell, Charles Alva  26 Mar 1851Kirksville, Adair County, Missouri I83
19 Kirk, Charles Edward  29 Sep 1858Kirksville, Adair County, Missouri I73
20 Kirk, Frances Elizabeth  9 Oct 1848Kirksville, Adair County, Missouri I71
21 Kirk, James Crockett  26 Jan 1844Kirksville, Adair County, Missouri I69
22 Kirk, Jesse Francis  7 Dec 1841Kirksville, Adair County, Missouri I68
23 Kirk, John Travis  29 Sep 1853Kirksville, Adair County, Missouri I72
24 Kirk, Joseph H  10 Jun 1863Kirksville, Adair County, Missouri I75
25 Kirk, Thomas Jefferson  5 May 1861Kirksville, Adair County, Missouri I74
26 Kirk, William Albert  4 Mar 1847Kirksville, Adair County, Missouri I70


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Adkins, Elizabeth Jane  1 Jan 1939Kirksville, Adair County, Missouri I52
2 Adkins, Henry Morgan  23 Apr 1876Kirksville, Adair County, Missouri I7
3 Adkins, Ivy Ann  1859Kirksville, Adair County, Missouri I17
4 Adkins, James  2 Aug 1852Kirksville, Adair County, Missouri I00001
5 Adkins, John Campbell  13 Jul 1941Kirksville, Adair County, Missouri I60
6 Adkins, John Clark  15 Jun 1939Kirksville, Adair County, Missouri I50
7 Adkins, John R.  10 Oct 1888Kirksville, Adair County, Missouri I9
8 Adkins, Joseph Edward  1889Kirksville, Adair County, Missouri I15
9 Adkins, Lucy Jane  22 Sep 1874Kirksville, Adair County, Missouri I36
10 Adkins, Mary Jane  16 Nov 1932Kirksville, Adair County, Missouri I28
11 Kirk, John Travis  22 Nov 1856Kirksville, Adair County, Missouri I72
12 Kirk, Joseph H  6 Oct 1863Kirksville, Adair County, Missouri I75
13 Mabis, Catherine Mary  20 Feb 1947Kirksville, Adair County, Missouri I98


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Adkins / Hannah  14 Nov 1850Kirksville, Adair County, Missouri F9
2 Kirk / Adkins  2 Mar 1841Kirksville, Adair County, Missouri F6
3 Waddill / Adkins  23 Sep 1860Kirksville, Adair County, Missouri F34