The Adkins Family Organization

Who we are:

We are the Descendants of James Adkins and Lucy Morgan; a family held, non-profit corporation, dedicated to securing the past for our future generations.

We have family archives with dates going back to 1763 with multiple sources of reference.

This non-profit organization was established with the purpose of research, verification, recording, preservation and publication of the history of The Descendants of James Adkins & Lucy Morgan®; to provide an association for family and related members to strengthen their relationships while enhancing their research and understanding; provide connections for distant family members pursuing genealogical research, enabling their corroboration; to obtain and preserve information relating to the family; and, to further the understanding of the family's genealogical heritage and its contributions to history. For more information about our corporate structure, organization affiliations and current corporate officers contact us at:

We are members of Federation of Genealogical Societies, a non-profit organization comprised of hundreds of genealogical and historical societies, family associations, and libraries. The Federation of Genealogical Societies, with, developed and hosts Society Hall, a comprehensive directory of genealogical and historical societies on the Web. We maintain a page listing our organization at


The Descendants of James Adkins and Lucy Morgan® are a very small, limited non-profit family corporation formed to ensure the maintenance of the family archives, to provide assistance to those involved in the research and its publication, and to provide a clear and authenticated history for the future descendants.

If you are a descendant of James Adkins and Lucy Morgan and would like to be involved in our organization, please contact us!